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Pay with your roommates

We are closing the Rift between friends and money. Use the debit card to split transactions and everyone will be charged their share - in real time.

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RiftPay Card

Request friends to join your RiftPay debit card, wait for them to accept, and split on the go

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RiftPay App

Create recurring Splits for monthly bills & subscriptions, one-time Splits for household purchases & groceries,track Splits you've already made, and manage friends

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Split n' Earn

Earn points when you split certain payments with your roommates.


Points on bills & subscriptions


Points on food & drinks


Point on all split transactions

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Splitting that matches your needs

Create recurring splits for monthly bills & subscriptions like rent 🏠, electricity ⚡ & internet 🖥️ or one time splits for household items 🛋️, groceries 🥒 and partying 🍾 🥳

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Take your splits with you

The RiftPay card enables you and your rommates to pay touch-free, and if you don’t have your wallet, simply link the card to your mobile wallet.

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Well-known, but with a twist

Pay landlords, businesses, and other individuals as a group with SplitPay. Why should one person bear the burden?

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Tailored to you

Gain access to unique cards by signing up for early access

Standard Edition
Founder's Edition1,000 Available
Metal Edition

Virtual Cards

It’s an all-digital card that’s made for online purchases. Create virtual cards for your bills and subscriptions, add friends, and pay with others while keeping your physical RiftPay card safe

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Card Control

You have complete control over when, where and how your Split cards are used. More power to you!

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Split Payments.

No more IOUs.

Links with any bank account

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Immediate notifications

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Track your split activity

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No monthly fees or overdraft fees

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Money insured up to $250k member of FDIC

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