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Pay Together

Still waiting on that friend to pay you back? Stop paying more than you have to. Don't pay for your friends, pay with them!

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Why would I use RiftPay?

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Paying with friends = less time arguing

No one likes asking their friends for money. Pay together from the start.

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Share the cost of anything

You probably share stuff all the time. Why not the things you pay for? Share your groceries, rent, or even a music subscription!

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For every occasion

From camping with your friends to a frat party with "your bros". RiftPay can do it all!

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Pay together with your group, use your virtual card or link your Circle to your RiftPay debit card

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Send & Receive

Pay and request money as a group

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Set spending limits, view recent transactions, and control who can join your Circle

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Planning a trip? Pooling money for a bachelorette party?

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Your Experience, Your Choice

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Fully personalized

Tailor your Circles the way you want them to be- add & remove widgets to help you track money.

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Stay up to date

Receive a notification as soon as you or your Circle makes a payment.

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Don't get lost in the sauce

Manage your spending, track upcoming bills or subscriptions, and stay on top of your budget.

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Stay connected

Going out? Communicate your upcoming expenses in the Circle group chat!

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Multiple Circles

One Card

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Get more with less

One card to rule them all. Link any Circle balance to your card to make payments at any physical and online locations.

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Contactless payments

Forgot your wallet? Link any RiftPay virtual card to your mobile wallet and pay anywhere

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We do normal stuff too

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Instant transfers

Send and receive money with your friends

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Safe & Secure

Your RiftPay & Circle accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000

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Link to any bank

RiftPay uses Plaid to connect with your bank.

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Make it personal

Use RiftPay for yourself to track expenses, send money to friends, and make purchases.

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There's more coming.

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