This is Bryce DeVaughn

Bryce DeVaughn

Lead Product Engineer

I’m a bonafide Texas man! My name is Bryce DeVaughn! I’m a Co-Founder and the Lead Product Engineer at Rift Pay, Inc. I was born in Conroe, Texas and moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2001. Last year, May 2018, I made the big accomplishment of graduating with Austin College with two Bachelor of Arts majors! One in Computer Science and the other in East Asian Culture with an emphasis on Japanese. I’m getting close to turning 24, and I have been a programmer since I was 12. Starting Rift Pay with the other founders has been one of the greatest events of my life! I have personally been working to make the idea a reality since March of this year!

I oversee all of the technology for Rift Pay with the goal to get a beautiful, functional, and helpful product to the people at the beginning of next year! I came from full-stack web development and have heavy knowledge in React JS, Node, and WordPress! Shortly after graduating, I started building websites for friends and family. I progressed in my ability to build full websites from scratch! However, I took it to a new level when I began to learn WordPress. Learning WordPress was the single best decision I made. WordPress helped me learn three things: templating, Javascript, and building a development process! 

I came to Rift Pay with the experience of trying to build another startup from scratch that was using the same web technologies that were needed for Rift Pay today. With that experience, I want to ensure that Rift Pay is modern and scalable for years to come! I also manage and monitor the use of our cloud services in the Google Cloud Platform and AWS to ensure we are putting our money in the right places and keeping a running budget of only what we need to use.

Rift Pay is a product that people will depend on, so I plan to be here until I know that the mission is successfully fulfilled! I want to build a company with a strong and warm culture in the Fin-Tech industry. Creating the world’s first online shareable banking platform has come with many challenges, but we are overcoming them to build an amazing service that is sure to change the game!

Fun Fact: Some of my favorite hobbies include watching anime, playing video games, and reading books about the mind and spirit!