This is Auston Anderson

Auston Anderson

Director of Marketing & Strategic Planning

I am currently the Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnership for RiftPay. I played Football and Graduated from Northwestern University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Learning and Organizational Change as well as African American Studies. I am a product of the Barnor Hesse discourse on Critical Theory. I was born on January 26th in Dallas, Texas. My family hails from Jackson and Brookhaven Mississippi, but I currently reside in North Dallas.

After working in Corporate America for 2 years in valuations and sales, I swore to myself I wouldn’t work on any more projects I do not believe in. Life is a running learning experience, I decided to take the experiences I had gathered and forge my own path.

I believe that RiftPay provides a very unique experience in the modern era of alternative banking. We are the first platform to allow shareable accounts. Rift has been designed to be as inclusive as possible and that starts with the company culture. I want to help shape RiftPay into becoming an Agile, Transparent, Inclusive and Secure platform for our users.

Fun Fact: I’m a video game and anime junkie! I also manage music artists and designers in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California!